Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date, Key Visual And Details

Tokyo Ghoul season 3

Hello everyone! Today at TheAnimeScrolls I am going to talk about Tokyo Ghoul Season 3. As all fans know that tye the season 3 of the series is about to start. Tokyo Ghoul fans have been waiting for a very long time and it’s about time that we could finally feast on this amazing anime which is based on Ishida Sui. In past there have been some glitches in this Anime and today I am going to share with you how the Anime creators can correct them in the upcoming season.

I’ll also be talking about the news that we have received so far about the anime. In the past, Tokyo Ghoul was deviatingTokyo ghoul season 3 from the real deal which made the manga such a hit among the fans. The second season had a lot of such instances where the anime completely deviated from the source.

Following are some of the reasons which disappointed the fans—
1. In the anime Kaneki was shown to join aogiri tree but in the manga he goes on his own(along with Tsukiyama, Banjou and his company).
2. There was no traces of the doctor or Rize
3. Why the Aogiri targeted Amon
4. ‎Fight with Arima, final moments etc.
5. Hide dies in the anime but reappears in the manga as scarecrow.

These are several instances which let down the fans who have read the manga. So, for the manga readers Season 2 was Tokyo ghoul season 3really disappointing and it got a lot of bad reviews from the fans. Also, this is a big reason why fans prefer manga over the anime in most instances.

Besides these reasons fans are still excited and hyped for the season 3. The key visual is out as well. However, I cannot say for certain that they’re not going to make the same mistake yet again. Season is going to start from 08-04-2018. That was all from today’s news on Tokyo Ghoul Season 3. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for news and blogs on various Anime and Manga.

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