Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 3 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing fine. I’m here at TheAnimeScrolls to share the spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 3. First, let me issue a quick warning to spoiler haters. Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3Please avoid this post as it contains a lot of spoilers. Before, discussing the spoilers of episode 3, I’ll give a brief summary of episode 2.

The second episode of Tokyo Ghoul re was released recently and as expected it showed the finish of Haise Sasaki’s bout with Torso. The leader of Quinx Squad lost control over his own mind but Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3thankfully everything ended well. And in the end, the most epic and emotional confrontation took place. It happens in the coffee shop where Haise Sasaki finally comes face to face with Touka.

This scene was full of emotions, as Haise Sasaki tastes the special coffee of the shop and realises that the coffee tastes familiar. Then he starts having flashbacks of an older version of Touka and remembers that Touka is the most Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3beautiful woman he has ever seen. Then a teardrop falls from his eye. And the important thing to note here is that the tear which fell on his cheek was via his ghoul eye and not the normal eye.

Nutcracker is a character who is a ghoul and likes to hunt humans and cracks open their testicles and starts to eat them. Well, as gross and weird it sounds it is true. And surprisingly the next Arc that will be titled as “Auction House”, Nutcracker is going to be the lead character in that. Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3I personally am very excited about this Arc. Also, Urie is going to increase his frame level by performing an operation on himself only. Well, those who don’t watch this Anime should watch it just for the level of weird creativity of the creator which is awesome.

The pacing of the Anime with Manga is quite fast. While some part of the fanbase would like this pacing others to think that this is too fast as the focus seems to be on only the fights and not other things. In my opinion, this pace is good as all the other stuff is just not that interesting and fights are just awesome.Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3 I’m facing a weird dilemma here, I just cannot figure out who the bad guys are. Being a human I know that I should support them but I can also see the point of view of ghouls. This speaks volumes of the series.

That is it from today’s spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3. Hope you guys found these spoilers interesting. If you want to add some more spoilers do share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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