Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1 Spoilers

Hey guys! I’m here at TheAnimeScrolls to discuss the spoilers of the much awaited Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1. So, before starting let me ask the spoiler haters to not read as this one is just about spoilers.Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1 The new season that is Tokyo Ghoul re is one of the most anticipated anime in the market right now and fans have been waiting for Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1 for a pretty long time. So, finally, today the wait is going to be over.

First, let me tell you a bit about what this anime is all about. This Anime is all about ghouls, who feast on the poor humans. Kaneki Ken who has been recently transformed into a one-eyed ghoul wants to restore the balance between the ghouls and the humans. Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1Unfortunately, the season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul was a huge disappointment as the storyline deviated too much from the original Manga. This is the reason why many fans stopped following Tokyo Ghoul.

In the climax of season 2, Kaneki Ken was shown laying down Hideyoshi Nagachika’s body in front of Kishou Arima. Since then, fans have been expecting a Season 3. Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1This all happened in 2015 and now finally after three long years, Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1 is going to air today. All fans want is the anime should not make a storyline of its own but continue with the storyline of Manga. The Manga of Tokyo Ghoul is very good.

Now Kaneki is just a shadow of what he earlier was, and he goes by the name of Haise Sasaki now. The good news for us fans is that Tokyo Ghoul re is going to follow the story of Manga very closely which honestly is what all we fans want.Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1
The story is going to be set years after the raid at Anteiku, and we will see a completely transformed character in Haise Sasaki. Will his memories return to him, and come back to haunt him?

The series will also feature other Ghouls from Tokyo Ghoul, who survived the Anteiku Raid. A few such characters are Touka Kirishima, Renji Yomo, Eto, and the rest of Aogiri Tree. Well, the shape of the things seems pretty exciting for the fans. Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1Also, in most cases, fans prefer Manga over Anime but after the release of the Tokyo Ghoul:re episode 1, I hope things will be a bit even. All creators have to do is just use Manga’s storyline, I mean how hard could it be.

That was all from the spoilers and leaks of Tokyo Ghoul re episode 1. I hope you all are just excited as I am. Also, keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information on different Manga, Anime and movies.

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