Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 169 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 169

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing fine. I’m here at TheAnimeScrolls to share the spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 169. First, let me issue a quick warning to spoiler haters.Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 169 Please avoid this post as it contains a lot of spoilers. Before, discussing the spoilers of chapter 169, I’ll give a brief summary of chapter 168.

The chapter 168 shows that the investigation continues of Ayato and Ken Kaneki in the cave where the source of poison was located. So, Ken and Kaneki decide to go deeper in the monster’s offspring and hope to find out some Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 169clues that might lead them to its source. Then they are attacked by other offsprings, Ayato wisely tells Kaneki to continue the search as poison doesn’t affect him while Ayato is holding off offsprings.

On the other hand, Doves are shown struggling against the owl as the condition is becoming worse than ever in Tokyo. Some weird flute voices are heard by Nagachika. Apparently, this voice can only be heard by ghouls.Tokyo Ghoul re chapter Akira finds the location of its source and orders an F squad to search the area. Meanwhile, Doves find that Donato Porpora and Uta were controlling Taxidermied Owl.

Now, coming to the spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 169. By the looks of it, the bloodiest fight is about to occur in Tokyo. This fight will take place between father and son, that is, Donato and Amon and another fight is going to take place between Utan and Renji. Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 169In the chapter 168, everyone was surprised to see that Furuta was revealed when Uta removed his mask. Now, there can be only two possibilities.
That the Uta once again is mimicking the appearance of Furuta.

As we already know that he has previously mimic many in past. Another possibility may be the most surprising and shocking and has a higher possibility of occurrence is that Uta is really Furuta the main villain of the series and pulling all the strings from Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 169behind the scenes from the start. Also, Uta is also a member of clowns. Also, in my opinion, Ken Kaneki will soon meet Rize or will get some sort of information regarding her.

That is it from today’s spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 169. Hope you guys found these spoilers interesting. If you want to add some more spoilers do share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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