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Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 168

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing just fine. I’m back here at TheAnimeScrolls to discuss the spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 168. Recently Chapter 167 was released and I will be Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 168giving my review of that in a short and precise manner, before sharing the Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 168 spoilers. So, all the spoiler haters please avoid reading this post.

The chapter starts with CCG members are attacks and manhandled by Owl. Meanwhile, CCG notices that all the defeated V members are getting back up and begin attacking again. Ui fails to understand what in seven hells owl is actually?Tokyo Ghoul re spoilers Then, when V members approach towards Hogi, a whistle is blown and V members start to retreat. Kaneki and Ayato notice a hallow ahead having multiple paths extended out.

The sacs of which are filled with monsters who are spreading the toxin. They start to climb in the mass. Kaneki notices that the shape of monsters is Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 168 spoilersdifferent from those that they say earlier. Suddenly the sacs ooze with monsters erupting from them. This was the crux of what happened in chapter 167.

Now, coming to the spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 168. Remember that there was something tied in with Eto’s body. Well come to think of it, it is possible that he might not even be the real Eto.Tokyo Ghoul re I think it is even possible that it is a clone of Rize’s body. Now, you all will ask why and how? Well come to think of it, it looks like an actual dragon, and ChibiReviews from YouTube points out that it looks like a bug. It actually resembles a spiny orb weaver spider.

When Rize hatched, probably she went crazy and was uncontrollable and ends up attacked by Furata. But I think V had Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 168somehow already beheaded Clone Rize and use her headless body as a toy and look like Eto. Probably V is keeping Rize’s head to create more and more ROS monsters.

I can’t help but think how Kaneki would feel about this whole thing about Furuta using him to bring back Rize and then use her head to create more and more monsters. I think after Kaneki gets to know this, he would end up despising Furata and end up fighting him. And later kill Furata and finally put an end to Rize.

That was all from the possible spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 168. Hope you liked it, we would like you all to share your theories about Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 168. Do keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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