The Reverie is a meeting formed by the World Government which consists of the world’s greatest leaders of various kingdoms. This submit happens after every four years and is extremely important. In this meeting, the King/Queen discuss important things that will be beneficial to the world and they also talk about threats that can harm their kingdoms. Many things will occur in the Reverie arc which will amaze us all, I have some of my own ideas on things that might occur Reverie arc.

Let’s Begin–

8. Abolishing of the Shichibukai system
Pirate Crew
Abolishing of the Shichibukai system might happen in this arc because there are three kings that have witnessed the cruelty of Shichibukai. Those Kings are Cobra, Riku, and Elizabello II. Cobra witnessed former Shichibukai Crocodile tearing his beloved kingdom, Alabasta into small pieces. Because of Crocodile, Alabasta was in shambles, civil war broke out between Royal army and Revolutionary Army. Crocodile was responsible for the death of many people. It was because of Luffy that Alabasta kingdom was saved.

Next is King Riku, Riku is the current ruler of Dressrosa but before that Doflamingo reigned over Dressrosa. Doflamingo killed many people and blamed it on Riku, Riku wasn’t able to do anything to him because Doflamingo had the World Government backing him up. Elizabello during Dressrosa witnessed Doflamingo’s cruelty. These three kings will probably want the end of Shichibukai system after hearing their story and other kings might agree.

7. Imprisonment of Shirahoshi
Reverie meeting
Shirahoshi, as we know, is one of the Ancient Weapon named after the king of Sea Poseidon. She has the power to control the giant Sea Kings which can destroy an island in a blink of an eye. Shirahoshi is one of the greatest threats to the World Government itself. World Government probably knows that Shirahoshi is an ancient weapon, they might try to capture Shirahoshi and then use her for their benefits. Gorosei might order an Admiral or CP0 to capture Shirahoshi, this would without a doubt create a state of panic among the kings but World Government might give them a good reason to believe their cause. With Shirahoshi’s imprisonment, the World Government will become even a bigger power.

6. Introduction of Admiral Ryogoku
Monkey D Dragon
Admiral Ryoukogu is one of three Admirals of the Marines. He was selected through a military draft that the World Government had. His companion, Fujitora was shown in Dressrosa Arc but his identity, abilities are still a mystery. Reverie arc will be guarded heavily by Marines and I think two Admirals are bound to be there. Kizaru will be the first Admiral and Ryoukogu might be among the second one because Fujitora has been sent to capture the Strawhats. This will be the best time to show Admiral Ryoukogu.

5. Alabasta, Dressrosa gets decleared as the enemies of the World Government
Dragon at Reverie
Alabasta and Dressrosa are the two among many other kingdoms that were saved by the Strawhat Pirates. They also in return helped the Strawhat Pirates which in my opinion will be the reason they will be driven out of the World Government. Alabasta and Dressrosa harbored the Strawhat Pirates, Marines obviously saw them and they might have reported this to World Government directly. Gorosei might probably declare Alabasta and Dressrosa as World Government’s enemies because of helping a world-renowned pirate.

4. Attack of The Revolutionary Army
Reverie arc
Revolutionary Army’s whereabouts are unknown and also nothing was shown about them. In my opinion, Revolutionary Army might attack the meeting of Reverie because if the Revolutionary Army attack this meeting they can talk with all the kings and they will reveal the horrible face of the World Government. The reason I believe this is because Dragon during the Dressrosa Arc was tell Koala to tell all the other leaders of the Revolutionary Army to come. I think Dragon was setting up this meeting so that they can be prepared to take on Reverie.

3. The True Power of Monkey D. Dragon
Revolutionary Army's attack
Dragon, as we know, is the leader of the Revolutionary Army and is the world’s most wanted man. The power of Monkey D. Dragon is still a mystery in One Piece and every single One Piece fan want to know what is his true powers. If Reverie might get crashed by the Revolutionary Army then we might see the fight of an Admiral and Dragon hopefully. In that fight, we will see the true power of Dragon to his fullest.

2. Vegapunk introduced
Reverie arc
Vegapunk is the World’s Smartest Man and is the person who has knowledge greater than anyone else in the entire world. He has done man impossible things that no other man could do and also has created things that a normal person can’t think of. The reason I think Reverie will be the arc where Vegapunk will be shown is because he was teased in the first chapter of Reverie. Something was written about him in the paper that Vivi and other people of the world were reading. This is just my opinion I have only a single proof why Doctor Vegapunk will be shown in the Reverie.

1. Revelation of The Void Century and Poneglyphs
The Void Century is the 100 years that was erased from the existence of this world. No one knows what events occurred during this 100 years except for a handful of people. This history can only be discovered thought read the Ancient Artifact called Poneglyphs. These Poneglyphs are scattered throughout the World and they all are hidden in secret places. There are a total of 30 Poneglyphs in the World.

There a total of three types of Poneglyphs in the World. King Cobra has one of them which reveals the location of the Ancient Weapon Pluton. At the end of Alabasta Arc, Cobra is intrigued by the Void Century and Poneglyphs because of which Cobra tells his subordinate that at the Reverie arc, he will ask the World Government rather the Gorosei themselves what happened in the Void Century and why do Poneglyphs exist in the world. Well, these are the things that I think might happen in the Reverie arc in my all articles I always tell how hyped I am for the Reverie arc and expect great things from this arc. Do tell me your opinion on what will happen in the Reverie arc in the comment section below.

What do you think will happen in the Reverie arc?

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