The Reverie is a meeting formed by the World Government which consists of the world’s greatest leaders of various kingdoms. This submit happens after every four years and is extremely important. In this meeting, the King/Queen discuss important things that will be beneficial to the world and they also talk about threats that can harm their kingdoms. Many things will occur in the Reverie arc which will amaze us all, I have some of my own ideas on things that might occur Reverie arc.

Let’s Begin–

8. Abolishing of the Shichibukai system
Pirate Crew
Abolishing of the Shichibukai system might happen in this arc because there are three kings that have witnessed the cruelty of Shichibukai. Those Kings are Cobra, Riku, and Elizabello II. Cobra witnessed former Shichibukai Crocodile tearing his beloved kingdom, Alabasta into small pieces. Because of Crocodile, Alabasta was in shambles, civil war broke out between Royal army and Revolutionary Army. Crocodile was responsible for the death of many people. It was because of Luffy that Alabasta kingdom was saved.

Next is King Riku, Riku is the current ruler of Dressrosa but before that Doflamingo reigned over Dressrosa. Doflamingo killed many people and blamed it on Riku, Riku wasn’t able to do anything to him because Doflamingo had the World Government backing him up. Elizabello during Dressrosa witnessed Doflamingo’s cruelty. These three kings will probably want the end of Shichibukai system after hearing their story and other kings might agree.



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