Guys I came across a theory on Danzo and Tobi during my usual browsing for Naruto article. This might change the complete perspective in which we view the Whole of Naruto Shippuden. These Inklings might go on to make Naruto’s Story even more simpler.(As one would say paint a picture in Black and White). In fact post this you might hate Danzo even more than before.

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Danzo shows his Ambition of becoming the Hokage when Hiruzen boxes Leaf Village into the Third Great Ninja War. Despite previously advantageous standing, Hiruzen being the naive pacifist gives the other Great Nations chance to counter-attack.

To Danzo this is like a golden opportunity since once Hiruzen leaves the post he can grab the Seat. However much to his dismay the leadership goes to the Sannin and the Yellow Flash.(who make a great name during this course of History).

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