The Rising of the Shield Hero anime adaptation has taken the anime world by storm. It was already thought that the anime is going to be quite a hit among the fans and due to some awesome production, this prediction has become a reality during the last spring and summer seasons. Every anime fan seems to have taken a liking to this new awesome anime.

Crunchyroll has been dealing with the distribution of the anime and they have done a pretty good job by releasing the anime dubbed episodes almost as quickly as it comes out. It was recently revealed by Crunchyroll that because of some unavoidable circumstances the anime English dubbed version of episodes will be released a bit later than original release which is really bad news for The Rising of the Shield Hero anime.

There will be at least a couple of weeks delay before the latest episode will be released dubbed via Crunchyroll. Here is the English dubbed schedule of the series confirmed by Crunchyroll: Episode 19 – 29 May 2019 , Episode 20 – 5th June 2019, Episode 21 – 12 June 2019, Episode 22 – 19 June 2019 , Episode 23 – 26 June 2019, Episode 24 – 03 July 2019 , Episode 25 – 10 July 2019. The anime is being adapted via a light novel written by Aneko Yusagi.

The anime is being directed by Takao Abo. Anime has been written by Keigo Koyonagi. The studio working on his anime is Kinema Citrus. The anime is being licensed by Crunchyroll and Funimation.

the rising of the shield hero

Naofumi finds a book which allows him to travel to a parallel universe where he is destined to be a hero. He receives a legendary shield but then he is betrayed by his comrades and is accused of raping his teammate and all his belongings have been stolen.

After that Naofumi has to regroup and rebuild from scratch his dignity and image. Since he has been betrayed by his most trusted friends now he has a hard time trusting anyone and thus he hires a slave named Raphtalia who assists him. The anime has got better with every passing episode.

Do tell us what your thoughts are regarding the delay in the dubbed version of the Rising of the Shield Hero anime. Unfortunately, we cannot hope that it gets back to normal as with the twenty-fifth episode the season one of the Rising of the Shield Hero anime. This journey of Naofumi from easily trusting people to not trusting anyone at all and then his rise to the top is indeed intriguing to behold.


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