The Five Kage ranked by their strength

The Gokage, also known as the Five Kage, are the leaders of the Five Great Nations. They pooled together their forces, and formed the Allied Shinobi Forces to defeat Madara Uchiha in the Fourth Great Ninja War. These Gokage consisted of: Raikage – A, Hokage – Tsunade Senju, Mizukage – Mei Terumi, Kazekage – Gaara, and Tsuchikage – Onoki.
Today, we’ve ranked them according to their powers. So let’s get started. —
5. Terumī Mei
So we begin our list with the Fifth Mizukage, Terumī Mei. After the reign of Yagura, she became the Mizukage and was tirelessly working for the sake of the village. She is a very powerful kunoichi. She’s clever enough to suspect any unusual behavior in a person; like she did when Fu Yamanaka inhabited Ao’s body. She is also a good taijutsu user as well. She can use two Kekkei Genkai, the Lava Release and the Boil release. She spit acidic mud that melted even the Susano’o’s bones.


  1. I think tsunade is powerful than onoki
    As she can release yin yang she can use four chakra nature she is one of the legendary sannin
    Can use 2 powerful and forbidden technique as ninja art creation rebirth(strength of a hundred technique) and creation rebirth(which is considered the ultimate generation technique and it was created by her to protect the life of her comrades)

    • Well, yeah what you’re saying is true but Onoki is more clever and possesses a Kekkei Tōta, Dust Release. He can pretty much one shot anyone.


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