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Strongest Crews Of The Worst Generation In One Piece

Worst Generation
Worst Generation is a group of the supernovas that came to Sabaody Archipelago before the War of Marineford. Also, these Pirate that have bounties above 100,000,000 berries and they are extremely strong. Furthermore, their crew is also strong and also they survived the harsh environment of GrandLine. So today I have made a list of Strongest crews Of The...

Strawhat Pirates vs Blackbeard Pirates (Part 2)

Hey guys! We are back with the second and final part of our list regarding the final battles in One Piece. Be sure to check out our previous list here: https://theanimescrolls.com/final-battle-strawhat-pirates-vs-blackbeard-pirates/ This list also includes the full strawhats crew, including the New World Additions. You can check who else joined the crew, here: https://theanimescrolls.com/who-will-complete-the-strawhats-crew/ 8. Elbaf Warrior vs Jesus Burgess We begin...