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10 things you Should Know about Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger
Hey guys! We all know that Gol D. Roger was the only man to conquer the GrandLine. People like Whitebeard, Garp who were his rivals respected him. So I decided to write some facts about the legend that is Gol D. Roger. Enjoy!! 10. During Shanks's flashback back to Roger's death and the day he last saw Buggy, rain...

Where is Raftel And The One Piece?

Hey everyone! I hope you guys are doing great. Today, I'll be posting a fan theory about the location of Raftel. This theory comes from a fellow Oro Jackson(the website) user, beck. He is known for his theories. Honestly, you guys should check them out. So, anyway, let's begin — Raftel is the last island in the New World where...