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Would Naruto Have Been Able To Defeat Nagato If He Was Fully Fit?

The entire Naruto series has had some really intriguing moments, which have made us think. One of these events occurred during Pein's invasion on Hidden Leaf. Would Naruto have been able to defeat Nagato if he wasn't crippled? So, today I'm gonna to answer this question. Let's quickly go through the abilities of both of them. First, let's start with Naruto....

How was Nagato able to handle the Rinnegan?

Today I'm going to answer a question relates to Nagato Uzumaki. Before Madara died, he implanted his Rinnegan into Nagato when he was a child. As we know that even Obito was unable to handle two Rinnegan, then how could Nagato possibly control two of them. P.S: All Manga panels are taken from Manga Panda. Let me first give all of you...