Swamp Thing is the new television series which has started to air on DC Universe. There was certainly some great hype surrounding the show. But just as the first episode of Swamp Thing was released, Warner Bros. announced that the series is going to be cancelled and thus it will be getting no season two which was certainly a piece of shocking news for the fans.

The fans of this superhero Swamp Thing were very excited about this show but unfortunately, they have to fill their hearts with just one season. The remaining episodes of the season one will certainly be airing but no new episodes will be made. So, what caused this show to wind up so early. Well after doing a bit of digging here and there a lot of things have come up. It seems that Swamp Thing television series has had more than just one set back.

First of all, it was revealed that the script was not just good enough for Warner Bros. to continue making the series. But it appears the real setbacks that the show has had are due to the funding. There has been complete chaos in the financial segment of the show. It appears that they have not spent wisely and that they have overspent on the pilot episode. Also, there has been some misunderstanding regarding the tax benefits. Swamp Thing was promised one amount and they didn’t even get half of it.

So, whatever and wherever and whenever they spent was simply overspending. So, the show ran out of budget in no time. Since they are left with no money how can they expect to make season two? So, there are more than just one reason for the Swamp Thing show being cancelled by the Warner Bros.

Swamp Thing Canceled

It seems that it was a good thing for the show to get cancelled after one season because otherwise everyone involved in the show would be deeply buried in debt starting next year. It felt like a dagger through the heart for the fans when after just one episode the announcement of the Swamp Thing being cancelled was revealed.

One thing that the Warner Bros. could have done was to announce after the season finale of Swamp Thing that it will not be getting any new seasons. This announcement could affect the profits that the show was aiming to earn as well. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Swamp Thing being cancelled.


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