The Sulong Form Of The Minks – All Powers Explained

Hey everyone! Today, I wanna talk about the Mink tribe, and their secret power, called the Sulong form. The Mink tribe are a race that live on the Phantom Island called Zou. It happens to be on the back of a huge elephant named Zunisha. The Minks are humanoids, with animal like features. They are extremely powerful species, and call themselves a warrior tribe.

The Mink tribe were introduced to us properly during the Zou arc. Most of this happened because Jack of the Beasts Pirates came there looking for a ninja named Raizo. At that time, a huge fight took place between the Beasts Pirates, and the Minks. Ultimately, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi did get the upper hand. However, Jack poisoned them all, and ultimately, they lost.
Ceylon form
As the Strawhats treated the Minks, we found out more about them. The Minks later became the allies of the Strawhat Pirates. They will also help in taking down Kaido in the War of Wano.

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