Top 10 Strongest Yonko Commanders In One Piece

Yonkō, as we know, are the Pirate Captains that rule the New World. They have their own pirate crew and in their pirate crews, they have three extremely powerful members. These three are called as Yonko Commanders and also these characters are the second highest authority right after their captain. In today’s list, I will be ranking the strongest Yonko Commanders in One Piece World.

Let’s begin-

10. Lucky Roo
Lucky Roo is a member of the Red Hair Pirates and is one of the three Yonko Commanders in Red Hair Pirates. His powers are still unknown and we haven’t seen anything about him. Because of that, I have ranked him at the end of this list

9. Jack The Drought

Jack is a member of the Beast Pirates and is one of the three Disasters. He possesses an Ancient Zoan type of Devil Fruit called Zou Zou no Mi model Mammoth, his Devil Fruit allows him to turn his body into a Mammoth at will. Jack possesses a tremendous amount of strength and also endurance as he was able to fight and overpower the Mink Tribe. He also fought against the two leaders of the Mink Tribe for 3 days and 3 nights. Moreover, Jack attacked the ship’s that were escorting Doflamingo on his own which had Fujitora, Sengoku, and Tsuru and he only received little injuries. Furthermore, his recovery powers are also amazing as he was able to tank a direct hit from Zou itself.



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