Strongest Wood Style Users in Naruto

Wood Release is a Kekkei Genkai that originated from the Senju Clan. It requires the user to combine Earth release with Water Release, in order to form Wood Release. Through the series, there were more than five Wood Release users. Today, we’ve ranked them according to their powers. So let’s begin —
5. Zetsu
We begin our list with Zetsu. Zetsu was one of the first members of Akatsuki. The White Half of Zetsu was infused with the DNA of Hashirama Senju by Madara Uchiha. Because of Hashirama’s cells, he could use Wood release, though on a much weaker scale. Zetsu’s main techniques included the mayfly, which he used to merge with the ground and travel to different places. He could also recover from almost any wound, since his recovery rate was extremely high.


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