Top 10 Strongest Variants Of The Chidori

The Chidori is a high concentration of Lightning Chakra in the Palm of the User. Kakashi Hatake created the technique while infusing his nature into the Rasengan. Moreover, While Chidori is an A Rank Jutsu, many of it’s variants are far stronger.
Below is a list of the Top 10 strongest Chidori Variants.

10. Raikiri
The Chidori
Raikiri is the advanced version of the Chidori, used by Kakashi Hatake. He once, infamously, split a bolt of lightning using this technique. This earned it the name, “Lightning Cutter.” While Chidori is an A Rank Jutsu, Raikiri is an S-Rank Jutsu.

9. Cursed Seal Chidori
While in the level 2 of the Cursed Mark, Sasuke Uchiha’s Chidori gets a unique black glow, as it powered by senjutsu Chakra. This Chidori was extremely strong. Further, it was able to overpower Naruto’s Tailed Beast Rasengan and defeat him.


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