Top 10 Strongest Super Rookies Of All Time In One Piece World

Super Rookies is the title given to the Pirates who arrived at Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of over 100,000,000 berries. In ever single generation, their are only a handful of Super Rookies, and these Super Rookie are usually very powerful. In today’s list, I have ranked the Strongest Super Rookies that have existed in the One Piece World.
Let’s begin-
NOTE: I have ranked these Super Rookies by when they arrived at Sabody Archipelago.

10. Cavendish
super rookies
Cavendish is the captain of the Beautiful Pirates, and his generation came right after Luffy’s generation. He is a Super Rookies of his generation and is extremely powerful. Cavendish is an extremely powerful swordsman whose skills were even acknowledged by a Vice Admiral. He has an ace up his sleeves called Hakuba. Hakuba is the other personality that resides within Cavendish. When Hakuba is controlling Cavendish’s body, his speed is greater then the speed of sound and slashes are so powerful that they can cut almost anything. In short Cavendish is probably the strongest Rookie of his Generation.

9. Trafalgar D. Water Law
Super Rookies
Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates, and is the member of the Worst Generation. He is from the same generation as Luffy and Kidd. Law possesses a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Ope Ope no Mi which allows his to create ROOMs in which he can do as he pleases. He can cut almost anything in his Room, and also can teleport himself to any place that is within the Room. Law has a reputation of been extremely violent and hence he was given the epithet “The Surge of Death”. Before the time skip, Law was able to defeat many Marine soldiers with ease, and was able to join the ranks of the Shichibukai when he was still a Rookie. This shows us how powerful pre-time skip Law was.



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