Top 10 Strongest Snipers In One Piece World

Snipers are the people who like to fight their opponents from a long distance. They specialize in gun and slingshots. In One Piece, there are only a hand full of Snipers and some of them are extremely talented or bad. Snipers can prove extremely great and they provide great support as a part of a crew. Today, I have made a list of the 10 Strongest Snipers in One Piece.

Let’s begin-

10. Jean
Jean is a Bounty Hunter and was first introduced at Dressrosa Arc. He was stated to be a Sniper but instead, he uses projectile weapons. Jean throws the weapons he steals, turning the arms of his defeated foes against his new ones. Moreover, he has achieved feat like being able to capture escapees of Impel Down including level six criminals.

9. Masterson

Masterson was a former Marine Sniper and now is a bounty hunter. He was one of the greatest snipers in the Marines and he was even respected by the likes of Smoker and Yasopp. Moreover, he was able to shoot four people at once.



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