Top 10 Strongest Shinobi Without Any Six Paths Powers

Most of the strongest Naruto Characters relied on a special type of Chakra known as the Rikudo Chakra. This made them essentially invincible in the Naruto World. However, who would strongest characters be, if we don’t include those with the Six Paths powers?
Let’s find out!
NOTE: No character with six paths power is included. The Otsutsuki Clan members are also not included.

10. Sakumo Hatake

Sakumo Hatake was Kakashi’s father. He was held in a higher light than the Sannin combined. His true strength remains unknown, but he’s said to be far more stronger than any of the Sannin that we’ve seen, which also makes him one of the strongest.

9. Killer B
Six Paths Powers
Killer B is the Jinchuuriki of the Eight Tails. He is also the first perfect Jinchuuriki that we’ve seen in the series. Bee can defeat anyone on his day, as we saw, when he almost crushed entire Team Taka all alone. Further, His bond with the Eight Tails makes him extremely strong.

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  1. Your list is substandard

    itachi will put might guy in a genjutsu before he can open the gates….

    Itachi beat nagato…you wrote so yourself and yet you still think nagato is stronger than itachi?

    Itachi will beat hiruzen hands down….
    Hiruzen had to beg orochimaru for help before he could carry out a common attack…

    Even the creator of the series,kishimoto said that itachi will beat madara in a fight…

    Itachi has all the feats….remains undefeated….has the fastest reaction time in narutoverse, was able to activate his susanoo in 1/1000th of a second against sasuke’s kirin…etc

    The only people in your list that are formidable against itachi are hashiriama and minato…

    Cheers mate!

  2. Do you really think that Gai will give him the time to react if he opens his Eight Inner Gates? Also, Gai has developed counter measures against the Sharingan. As you might remember when Itachi and Kisame infiltrated the Leaf. Madara who was one of the strongest characters in the series acknowledged that Gai was the strongest taijutsu user.
    About Nagato, we saw how much powerful he really was as he took on the trio of Itachi, Naruto and Killer Bee.
    When did Hiruzen beg Orochimaru for the “common attack”? Despite being so old during the Konoha Crush, Hiruzen managed to defeat the First and the Second Hokage and, he also sealed away Orochimaru’s arms.
    So, please think rationally before you comment.


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