Strongest Shinobi from the Second Great Ninja War

The Second Shinobi World War was the second of the 4 Great Ninja Wars that engulfed the World. The politics of the Five Great Nations is unknown, but there were rising conflicts between the Hidden Sand, Hidden Leaf, Hidden Rain and Hidden Rock. Nagato claimed that Konoha started this war.
Here are the strongest Ninja that took part in the Second Great Ninja War.
Let’s begin—
9. Chiyo
Great Ninja War
We begin the list with Chiyo. Chiyo was one of the strongest assets of Sunagakure in this War. She created one poison after another, but all of them were countered by Tsunade. She also fought Hanzo on several occasions, and eventually found a cure to his poisons too.
8. Third Kazekage
The Third Kazekage was known as the Greatest Kage that Suna has ever had. He weilded the Kekkei Genkai of the Magnet Release. Having such a reputation, it can be assumed that he worked wonders for Suna in this War. By studying Shukaku, he recreated the sand manipulation by combining his magnet release with iron powder, forming the powerful Iron Sand Technique, which was feared as the most powerful weapon in Sunagakure’s history.


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