Top 10 Strongest Shinobi During First Great Ninja War

First great ninja war

Hey guys! Today’s list is about the top 10 strongest shinobi during the first great ninja war. The first Shinobi war was the first war that included the majority of the Hidden villages and countries. Not much information regarding this war is known. So I’ve based this list on what it is that we know. Note that this list isn’t ranked.

10. Kagami Uchiha first great war
Kagami was a comrade of both Danzo Shimura and Hiruzen Sarutobi. He is the ancestor of the great Shisui Uchiha. It is believed that he has saved the lives of Danzo and Hiruzen a number of times. He was a J┼Źnin level shinobi from Konohagakure. He had also awakened his Sharingan as well. How good he was is unknown, but I’d put him close to Danzo at least.

9. Danzo Shimura first great ninja war
Danzo Shimura also fought in the first great ninja war. He was a teen during this war, and didn’t know much. He wasn’t all that strong with. Danzo was a part of Team Tobirama, and he was a part of the squad that was ambushed by Kinkaku Unit. We don’t know how powerful he was during this war, but his resolve was weak, since he wasn’t able to make himself a decoy.

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