4. A-Third Raikage-
He was known to be the strongest Raikage in the history of Kumogakure. Like his son, he possessed immense physical strength. A was strong enough to fight against Gyuki and 10,000 shinobis. Although in his battle against 10,000 shinobis he killed the most of them and after three days of non-stop fighting he collapsed and thus, led to his death.

3. Nagato Uzumaki-
Finishing third on the list is the leader of Akatsuki, Nagato. Nagato possessed the Rinnegan which gave him the ability to use all of the five nature releases. Kabuto also admitted that he was the second strongest reanimated shinobi. Jiraiya was surprised that Nagato defeated Hanzo of the Salamander by himself, a task that even the legendary Sannin failed to accomplish. He also created the Six Paths of Pein which were almost unbeatable.


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