Top 10 strongest One Hit KO Moves In One Piece

There are many powerful moves in One Piece but also there are some moves that are able to defeat opponents with only one hit. So today I have made a list of top 10 one hit Ko moves in One Piece. Enjoy!!
NOTE: This list is not ranked

10. King Punch
one hit
King Punch was first introduced at Dressrosa and it is used by Elizabello II. In this punch the user needs to generate enough energy. Furthermore, when that’s done, the user generates a punch powerful enough to destroy a Castle only with one punch.

9. Sugar’s Devil Fruit Ability

Sugar was the member of the Donquixote Pirates and also she was one of the top officials. She possesses a paramecia Devil Fruit called Hobi Hobi no Mi which allows her to make anyone into a toy. Also, only with touch of Sugar’s hands can make anyone her slave for all eternity.

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