Top 5 Strongest Non-Canon Villains in One Piece

There are many strong Villains in One Piece. But, some of these villains are ignored because of them being non-cannon. But, these Villains are as strong as the main Villains of the main series. So, today I have made a list of Top 5 strongest non-canon Villains in One Piece.

5. Bear King
Bear King is the main antagonist of Second movie and is the leader of Trump Siblings Pirate Crew that ruled over Clockwork Island. He has a bounty of 11,000,000 beris and has one of the highest bounties in the East Blue.

He possesses a paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Kachi Kaichi no Mi which allows his body to become hard as a rock and also can heat any part of his body which burns his opponent’s body on contact.


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