Strongest Moves in Naruto.

Hey y’all! I hope you guys are doing fine. Anyway, in this post we’ve decided to rank the most powerful moves in Naruto. So get ready!
Warning: This post may contain spoilers from the Anime and the Manga.
10. Limbo Hengoku: 20160625164248
This is a technique of the all powerful Dōjutsu, Rinnegan. First demonstrated by Madara Uchiha at the Fourth Great Ninja war, limbo allows Madara to project his shadows into an invisible world, Limbo. These shadows can act as independent beings. They can only be perceived with Six paths Senjutsu or with a Rinnegan.
9. Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei – 20160625164445
Literally meaning, summoning: Impure world reincarnation, Edo Tensei is a technique developed by Lord Second Hokage. It was then further improved upon by Orochimaru and then by his underling, Kabuto Yakushi. This technique can summon any being from the world of the dead as long as the user has a DNA sample of the person being reincarnated. The bulk forces of the 4th Great Ninja war were Zetsu along with the reincarnated ninjas.


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