Top 5 Strongest Military Forces In One Piece

We have seen countless super powers in One Piece, which boast of their amazing military forces. As we have read and watched many times in One Piece that a war may soon unfold and everyone is preparing themselves for it. So, today I have made a list of strongest military forces in One Piece that could soon be involved in a war.

5. Mink Tribe
Military Forces
Mink tribe are Animal-like humanoids. They live on Zou and were first mentioned by Duval. Mink tribe are natural born fighters and are extremely strong.

Moreover, they can use electro in which they produce electric shocks. Also, they can use it in their weapons and they have a high recovery rate. Mink tribe has two kings, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. These two were the only two who were able to fight against “Jack The Drought”. Mink tribe were also able to fight against Jack and his crew on equal ground. They were even overpowering them.


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