Top 10 Strongest Members Of The Pirate Ninja Mink Alliance

6. Trafalgar Law

Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates, and he was also a former Shichibukai. He is a swordsman, and he possesses a powerful Paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Ope Ope no Mi. This Devil Fruit grants its user to create “Room” in which the user can do anything that he wants. He can use two types of Haki which he used at Dressrosa. Law is one of the strongest pirates of his generation, and has defeated many powerful opponents. He has defeated Vergo with only one slash, and defeat Vice Admiral smoker on Punk Hazard with ease. Moreover, even though he was fighting on half of his powers, he still fought and defeated Trebol.

5. Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is the captain of the Strawhat Pirates, and he has a bounty of 500,000,000 berries. He is one of the leaders of the Pirate ninja Mink alliance. He possesses a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Gomu Gomu no Mi, which turned his body into rubber. Luffy can use all three types of Haki and as also has Advanced Armament Haki. Luffy has defeated many powerful enemies like Crocodile, Lucci and Gecko Moria but the feat that shines the most is his victory against Donquixote Doflamingo and Charlotte Cracker. Moreover, another one of his amazing feats in that he was able to stand against Katakuri for a long period of time.



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