Strongest Marines in One Piece

Hi guys! This list is about the strongest marines, both former and new ones included, in One Piece.
Warning: This list may have spoilers.

10. Smoker
The Vice- Admiral smoker commands G5. G5 were pirates before they became Marines. They are ruthless and basically a rogue bunch. Smoker uses Armament Haki and is good at using it. He ranks 10th on list.

9. Onigumo
The vice admiral, Onigumo, was one of the five vice admirals who led the buster call in Enies Lobby. Onigumo possesses a Zoan type devil fruit, which gives him the power a spider. Hence, he can use the 8-sword style. He was also present at the battle of Marineford and he also placed Marco’s hand in Sea-stone shackles.


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