Top 10 Strongest Logia Devil Fruit Users

Hi folks. Many of you might’ve thought about the strongest Logia devil fruit user. Well, guess what? I’ve got the answers to your questions. I’m gonna rank the strongest Logia type devil fruits in One Piece.

10. Caribou-
We begin our list with one of the new generation rookies with a bounty of 210,000,000 beris. Caribou is a very unpopular pirate and is known for notoriety. He was present at the time of Straw Hats reunion at Sabaody Archipelago. Also known as “Wet-haired” Caribou, he possesses the Numa Numa no Mi. He can store a large amount of things in his swampy body. Caribou is also is known for killing Marines ruthlessly.

9. Crocodile-

The former Shichibukai and the user of Suna Suna no Mi finds himself 9th on our list. Crocodile is a very serious man and a master planner. He was also the head of the Baroque Works and was known as Mr.0. Crocodile uses his power brilliantly. He can suck water from everything and create quicksand pits and even control sand to land devastating blows on the opponent.


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