Alright Fellows its been a long while since I wrote an article. I have been busy with Exams lately. However to compensate for all the long wait I have written this long list as an appeasement to you all. I hope you all would enjoy it.  Guys today we are gonna talk about the Strongest Jonin amongst all Konohagakure’s history. Jonin are the top-tier of extremely strong ninja amongst the regular forces of nation. The Regular force comprises of all medic ninja, Genin, Chunin etc. This list enlists all the strongest ever Jonin. Naturally this list has several shinobi who protect the Village Hidden in Leaf from the shadows like from Anbu Black Ops.

Also if any of you feel that i have missed someone strong you may mention him the comments and I will add him to our list. Please don’t mention the Shinobi who became a Kage as those characters have already advanced to the Kage Rank. Before you come complaining about the powers of these candidates do note that the ranking in this list doesn’t show power levels. The order just indicates the order of conceivement, Nothing more. Nevertheless stay tune and check out these strong Jonin of Konoha .

10. Sakura Haruno

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The third and only female member of the famous Team-7 Sakura Haruno became a Jonin officially just before the events of Naruto the Last Movie. Team Seven is actually a parallel to Hiruzen’s original team the Legendary Sannin. Sakura styles herself after the famous Kunoichi Tsunade Senju. She even receives her training in medical ninjutsu from her as well as several of her personality traits from her. In fact Jiraiya even calls her Tsunade Junior in the opening episode of Shippuden.

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Sakura like her tutor Tsunade is famous for her infamous temperament and monster strength. Sakura is also famous for her medical skills and they are ground breaking achievements even for medics in Narutoverse. She can heal any kind of wounds or even help in natural chakra restoration by the use of Katsuyu the Legendary summon from Shikkotsu Woods.

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