Top 6 Strongest Legendary Characters Before The Great Pirate Era

Several Legendary figures have appeared in One Piece so far. Today, I’ve made a list of the known Legendary figures, that ruled the seas before the Great Pirate Era. So lets begin:

6. Shiki
We begin our list with the Captain of the Flying Pirates, and also a rival of Roger, Shiki The Golden Lion. He was the first person to ever escape from Impel down and wreak havoc on the sea during Rogers time. He possesses Float-Float Devil fruit which is a Paramecia type of devil fruit. His fruit allows him to levitate non-living things including himself. Since he cut off his legs at Impel Down, in order to escape, he now has two swords that work as his legs. He is so strong that he beat all the Straw Hats alone and even destroyed half of Marineford in his battle against Garp and Sengoku, before the Great Pirate Era.

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