Top 5 Strongest Generations Of The Five Kage Ranked By Their Strength

The Five Kage, also called the Gokage, is a term used to refer to all the Kage collectively. A Kage is also generally considered the strongest Shinobi of the Village.
We’ve seen many generations of the Five Kage in Naruto. Today, I’ve ranked them by their strength.

NOTE: The latest Generation of the Five Kage is not included.
Let’s begin—
5. First Generation
Five Kage
The First Generation of the Five Kage included Hashirama Senju, one of the strongest Shinobi of all time. However, little is known about the other 4 Kage. Reto, the First Kazekage was said to be strong enough to actually gather all the people dwelling in Sand and create Sunagakure. However, lack of information on the other Kage puts this generation on 5th spot.


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