Hey guys! When ordinary Jutsu don’t work against strong opponents, it’s time to step up and go to the next level. This next level can be reached by using the Kinjutsu (Forbidden Jutsu). So, we have made a list containing the strongest Kinjutsu in Naruto. This is the first part, subscribe to us to stay updated for the next part.
10. Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags- 20160730130816
We begin our list with the jutsu invented by the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju. This jutsu uses the body of a reincarnated individual to create a series of infinite explosions with special explosive tags. The body of the reincarnated person is used as the paper. Then it creates exploding tags from large sheets that have five seals on them. The tags then attach themselves to the target, but just before the detonation, additional tags are created as these previous ones explode. This process continues and leads to an almost infinite number of explosions. This technique can also be used by a living individual but, he has to sacrifice himself.



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