Strongest Forbidden Jutsu in Naruto Part II

Hey guys! We are back with the final part of our list about the strongest Forbidden Jutsu in Naruto.
Forbidden Jutsu are those techniques which are deemed unsafe for use.
Here are the 5 Strongest Forbidden Jutsu in Naruto.
5. Impure World Reincarnation- 20160730121817
We begin the list with the forbidden technique invented by Tobirama. This jutsu binds the soul of a deceased person to the body of the vessel which allows the user of the jutsu to control the reincarnated body and make them do their bidding.

After originally being discovered by Tobirama, it was discovered again later by Orochimaru who changed a few things and tried to make the technique better. Kabuto almost perfected the jutsu later in the series.


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