Strongest Ever Kage From Each Of The Five Nations In Naruto

We have seen a lot of strong Kage from each of the Five Nations. Each of them had a unique power. But, who was the strongest Kazekage of Suna or the strongest Raikage of Kumo? So, today I decided to share my opinion regarding the strongest ever Kage from each of the Five Nations. Ikuzo!

5. Third Kazekage-
The Third Kazekage was hailed as the strongest ever Kazekage of Sunagakure. He possessed the magnet release kekkei genkai, which enabled him to manipulate the iron sand. The iron sand was feared as Suna’s mightiest weapon. The Third Kazekage had a very high level of intellect. He studied the marks on Shukaku’s body, which led to the discovery of the magnet release.


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