8 Strongest Devil Fruits Introduced At The Whole Cake Island

We’ve already seen some insane Devil Fruits in One Piece, and also we know what they’re capable of. In the Whole Cake Island, many new Devil Fruits were introduced. They are mostly wielded by the Big Mom Pirates. Today, I have made a list of the strongest Devil Fruits that were introduced in The Whole Cake Island arc.

Let’s begin:

8. Charlotte Mont-d’Or’s Devil Fruit
whole cake island
Charlotte Mont-d’Or is a member of the Big Mom Pirates, and is also a Devil Fruit user. He possesses an unnamed Devil Fruit which allows him to control Books. He can place people under the illusion that they are inside a book’s setting by hovering an open book over them, which he calls the World of “Books”. Moreover, his books can also be used to imprison anyone, and escaping from them is very hard.



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