Strongest Devil Fruits in One Piece

This list is about the strongest devil fruits in One Piece.

Warning: This list has spoilers please read at your own risk.

10. Gomu Gomu no Mi- We’ll start our list with the devil fruit of Monkey D Luffy. Although, it may be a paramecia type devil fruit, Luffy trained very hard and discovered gears that enable him to take on the strongest of opponents.

9. Ito Ito no Mi- This devil fruit is wielded by the Shichibukai, Donquixote Doflamingo. It is a very balanced fruit which can be used both offensively and defensively. Doffy was even able to heal himself after being attacked by Law’s Gamma knife.

8. Mera Mera no Mi: Portgas D. Ace was the user of this fruit. He started as the captain of spade pirates & soon made a name for himself with devastating powers of Mera Mera no mi. But, even after being so powerful, it bags the 8th spot on the list.



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