Top 10 Strongest Defences in Naruto

A strong Defence is just as important as a strong attack, especially in the world of Naruto.
Today, I’m going to rank the strongest defences in Naruto. From Gaara’s Absolute Defence, to the Susano’o, I’m going to rank them all. So let’s get started –
10. Dead bone Pulse
strongest defences
We begin our list with the Kekkei Genkai of the Kaguya clan, Dead bone Pulse. Used by Kimimaro, this move can be used to defend against almost any attack. Kimimaro can also manipulate his entire bone structure with this ability. Orochimaru also praised this ability for being able to withstand most of the physical attacks.

9. 8 Trigrams Rotation
The 8 Trigrams Rotation is one of the secret abilities passed down the Main family of Hyūga, also making it one of the strongest defences. This technique allows them to form a complete defence, by letting enormous amounts of chakra out of their tenketsu, and then Rotating at a high speed. This also makes up for the blind spot of the Byakugan by deflecting all attacks while spinning.


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