Strongest Crews Of The Worst Generation In One Piece

Worst Generation

Worst Generation is a group of the supernovas that came to Sabaody Archipelago before the War of Marineford. Also, these Pirate that have bounties above 100,000,000 berries and they are extremely strong. Furthermore, their crew is also strong and also they survived the harsh environment of GrandLine. So today I have made a list of Strongest crews Of The Worst Generation. Enjoy!

NOTE: Excluding the Strawhats, the exact bounty of other crews is unknown.

10. Bonney Pirates
Strongest Crews
Bonney Pirates hail from South Blue. Their Captain is Jewelry Bonney. She possesses an unnamed Devil Fruit which has something to do with age. Also, they were later defeated by Blackbeard Pirates and their current status is unknown.

Total Bounty: Around 140,000,000 berries

9. Firetank Pirates
Firetank Pirates are the pirate group that came from West Blue. This crew is lead by Capone Bege. Also, he possesses a Paramecia Devil Fruit called Shiro Shiro no Mi, that makes the user a living fortress. Moreover, this pirate group was one of the ally with one of the strongest crews which was the Big Mom pirates.

Total Bounty: Around 300,000,000 berries



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