Top 5 Strongest Characters Affiliated With The Hidden Sound Village

Otogakure is also called the Hidden Sound Village. It was also the personal Village of Orochimaru. He created it for the sole purpose of conducting experiments on Ninja, and to learn new techniques.
Today, I’ve picked the top 5 strongest members affiliated to the Hidden Sound Village.
Let’s begin—

5. Karin
Hidden Sound
Karin was originally a member of the Hidden Grass Village. Orochimaru recruited her, as he wanted to study her amazing healing abilities. She was soon made in charge of the Southern Hideout of the Hidden Sound Village.

Karin is from the Uzumaki Clan, and hence possesses an exceptional life force. She is also a decent shinobi. She possesses the Adamantine Chains, capable of shattering even the Wood Release.


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