Top 10 Strongest Alliance Of All Times In One Piece

A group of people who band together in order to obtain a similar goal is called as Alliance. In One Piece, many alliances have been formed during the storyline. Today I have made a list of the all-time strongest alliances that roamed the seas of One Piece.

Let’s begin-

10. Buggy and Alvida Alliance
Buggy and Alvida is the group that was formed by Buggy and Alvida. These two are also the leaders of the of this alliance. The objective of this alliance was to kill Monkey D. Luffy. Both of them had suffered defeat by Luffy’s hands. This alliance is by far the weakest alliance that was shown in the series.

9. Kidd, Apoo and Hawkins Alliance.
This alliance was first made after the time skip by the three members of the worst generation. The leaders of this group are Kidd, Captain of the Kidd Pirates, Apoo, Captain of the On Air Pirates and last but not the least Basil Hawkins, the Captain of the Hawkins Pirates. The goal of this alliance was to take down the Yonkō, Red Hair Shanks. But, their plans were shattered by Kaido. After that, Kidd was utterly defeated by Kaido, Hawkins’ whereabouts are unknown and Apoo joined Kaido’s crew.



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