Strongest Abilities of Different Clans in Konoha

Hey guys! Konohagakure has some very powerful clans and these clans have their own unique abilities. So, today we have ranked the strongest abilities among Konoha’s different clans.

8. Inuzuka Clan’s Canines- 20160904003045
The Inuzuka clan members chose ninkens as their partners and fight battles with them. The members get a canine partner of their own at very early age and after a certain age, they get inseparable. The clan members can also concentrate their chakra into their nose and amplify their sense of smelling.
7. Yamanaka Clan’s Mind Possession Techniques- 20160904000854
Yamanaka clan have their mind related techniques. They can perform techniques like mind body switch, mind disturbance technique, etc. Also, they are great sensors and can relay the information easily.


  1. Sorry.. But no.1 should be hyuga’s byakugan.. During the chunnin exams kakashi himself told that byakugan is stronger than sharingan. And if sharingan was stronger, kaguya should possess sharingan instead of byakugan.


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