7 Super Strong Naruto Characters Who Can’t Do Genjutsu

Genjutsu is one of the three great skills that a Shinobi possesses. However, not all shinobi can master this art. There are some who are near god level in Naruto, but still can’t do Genjutsu.
So, I decided to make a list of the strongest characters who can’t do Genjutsu.
NOTE: There are many who can’t do Genjutsu. Only those who are really strong are included in this list.
Let’s begin—

7. Gaara
Gaara is the fifth Kazekage of the Hidden Sand. He is pretty strong, and specializes in long range attacks. Gaara was also able to fight against Kinshiki along with three other Kage. However, he has no knowledge of Genjutsu, and if he does, he has never shown it.

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