Hey guys! We are back with the second and final part of our list regarding the final battles in One Piece. Be sure to check out our previous list here:
This list also includes the full strawhats crew, including the New World Additions. You can check who else joined the crew, here:

8. Elbaf Warrior vs Jesus Burgess
We begin our list with the fight between Burgess and the unknown Elbaf warrior, who will be recruited by the Straw Hats. This fight is between the two super heavyweights of the crews. Burgess will have two devil fruits to his aid namely, Ton Ton Fruit and the unknown devil fruit of Urouge. Blackbeard’s Oni power will help his crew to devour two devil fruits. All the wrestling fans are sure to watch this amazing fight.
7. Nami vs Lafitte
Next on our list is the fight between Nami and Lafitte. Lafitte is one of the earliest members of the Blackbeard and he will have the fruit of Donquixote Rosinante. Nami meanwhile will have mastered her weather tempo.


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