Steins;Gate creator gives important news regarding Occultic;Nine TV Anime.

Steins;Gate was a huge hit with fans who loved science.636066874746544493
It was a really awesome anime and Hououin Kyouma became one of our favourites and it was etched into hearts. Now the creator of Steins;Gate, Chiyomaru Shikura has made a very important announcement regarding his novel series that is soon going to premiere on television. It was revealed on the official website of the television anime for Chiyomaru’s Occultic;Nine novel that it is going to premiere in October later this year. 636066874817725295
The website also revealed stuff such as character designs and theme songs. After the success of Steins;Gate, I believe that Occultic;Nine will be awesome.
Source: Animenewsnetwork


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