Spoilers- One Piece Chapter 841

Hey guys! One Piece Chapter 841 Spoilers are here!! Enjoy!
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By YonkouProductions:
6th month of imprisonment Young Sanji’s Iron Mask is removed only during meals.
He thinks about the past while eating Despite his inexperience, he’s making a lunchbox for his bedridden sickly mother.
Before the queen could eat, an old maid tasted the food, but it was apparently really bad ,Yet Sanji’s mother ate the food smiling, saying it was really delicious.
Sanji decided to study cooking after seeing his mother’s smiling face Inside the cage again Sanji is reading about All Blue ina cookbook received from the guard, when Ichiji, Niji and Yonji arrive.
Reiju is nursing Sanji after he was bullied by them.

According to Reiju, those 3 brothers “do not possess” the emotions of “sadness” or “pity”.(It’s not like they’re super cold or merciless…more like they were “created/engineered” that way.) Sanji tells Reiju that he wants to become a cook.Reiju is at a loss, and Sanji strongly tells her (while crying) that if he manages to escape he won’thave to look at his father’s face ever again.

Reiju destroys the cage and lets Sanji flee Sanji escapes and meets his father by chance Judge lets him go without resistance. Judge: “Do not ever tell anyone that I am your father…it’s a failure I don’t want anyone to know.”
Sanji hears these words and cries. Reiju, listening to them from the shadows, cries too. She then leads Sanji to another ship Reiju: “Don’t come back here anymore!! The sea is huge…you will definitely meet some kind people one day!!”
Flashback end
Seducing Woods:
11 hours passed since the fighting started Luffy ate all of Cracker’s biscuit soldiers (and became super fat)
By Sandman
Sanji’s mother was a beautiful woman who also resembled Reiju. She didn’t have swirly eyebrows. Sanji escaped from the prison when Germa started a war in East Blue.Germa made a voyage from North Blue to East Blue via a snail-like ship which seems to be amphibious. It clambered up the wall of Red Line as if it was a real snail.

Moreover, No break next week! Hurray!

So do you like the current chapter? Finally! We know all about Sanji’s past now, and for me it has to be the saddest backstory in One Piece. ( gonna update by saddest backstories list. Lol)
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