Shokugeki no Soma manga is almost finished now and after chapter 315 we might get a couple more chapters and that will be probably it as it will complete the volume. After defeating an opponent like Asahi Saiba, Soma has come up against the one who possesses the God Tongue Erina Nakiri who is also his love. Also, Erina Nakiri’s mother who is the bookmaster also possesses a God Tongue and in order to please them, Soma has to come up with a never seen before dish which these two women can actually call tasty.

The curse of the god tongue is that they just cannot taste or like any sort of food. Thus, pleasing them is still the ultimate goal of a chef. Now, from the official spoilers, we know that Erina Nakiri is still shocked as she gets to know that Soma has been working on a dish that she calls delicious. Soma will tell everyone that when one cooks for someone’s having God Tongue they become too cautious and in the process do not try things that could actually make a difference.

Azami Nakiri, Mana’s husband also failed to please her because he was too cautious not to hurt her. That could be the reason he was never able to please her. This point of view grabs the attention of Mana Nakiri and now even she will be shocked by Soma’s different approach.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 315 release date

When Soma finishes his speech the scene will shift to Erina who will be reminded that she wanted her mother to tell her that she wants to eat her dish, this will activate her bursting pulse which no one has seen in the history of Nakiri family and leave everyone startled. After Erina tastes Soma’s dish she thinks it is bad and goes back to being just normal.

Meanwhile, Erina Nakiri’s mother thinks that Soma’s way of dedicating everything one has in order to please them might actually work somehow. Soma, on the other hand, will tell Erina that whatever he has achieved is by competing with her and in order to even improve more Soma says he’ll keep fighting.

So, this is what will be happening in Shokugeki no Soma chapter 315. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Shokugeki no Soma chapter 315 official spoilers. I certainly think that the chapter is great and is building up to something special for the series finale.


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