Everyone thinks that Soma is going to lose to Asahi Saiba. But can he shock everyone that is associated with the competition? Today’s post is all about Shokugeki no Soma chapter 305. Also, this post contains a lot of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So, without further delay let us begin.

Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 305 Spoilers

In the last chapter, that is chapter 304 which was titled “The Curse Of The God Tongue”, we got to see that Asahi Saiba in his head already thinks that he has won the contest. The curse of the god tongue is nothing but becoming fed up of food. The one who has this curse just cannot be pleased with any sort of food. Erina said that since even though she wins, she cannot make her mother’s despair go away she wants to lose to Asahi Saiba.

She also told Soma that he isn’t good enough to defeat Asahi Saiba. Soma, on the other hand, seems all alone in his battle for victory. He and Asahi Saiba are about to face each other in a semifinal contest.

Shokugeki no Soma 305 release date
Asahi Saiba Art

Everyone thinks that Soma will lose. It seems his dad and Asahi Saiba’s master is going to watch this battle as well. The hype surrounding the upcoming chapter is just awesome.

Now, coming to the spoilers of the upcoming chapter of Shokugeki no Soma manga. In this chapter, we’ll get to see what happens in the most hyped battle of Blue. We already knew that Soma is going to face Asahi Saiba in this competition. Since everyone is betting against Soma and everyone thinks that he’ll lose bitterly, I want to remind them that the protagonist of the manga is Soma and not Asahi Saiba.

I think that Soma will demonstrate powers in this match we have never seen before. He’ll take everyone by surprise even Asahi Saiba himself and defeat him to reach the final of the contest. Most people also think that the main battle here is this one and with the arc is done but that is not the case because I think the final act of the arc is going to be Soma defeating the curse of the god tongue.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 305 spoilers
Nakiri duo in Shokugeki no Soma 304

So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming chapter of Shokugeki no Soma manga.

Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 305 Release Date

The release date Shokugeki no Soma chapter 305 is 27 March 2019. That is all from this post regarding Shokugeki no Soma chapter 305 spoilers. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about anime and manga. Do remember to subscribe to our blog and also support the official release of all manga to help them prosper.

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