Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about Shogun Orochi’s mythical zoan devil fruit. As predicted precisely by us here at TheAnimeScrolls, Orochi has a mythical serpent devil fruit. In this post, I’ll be discussing this mythical zoan devil fruit’s powers and abilities.

Let’s begin this post regarding Shogun Orochi’s mythical zoan devil fruit

Kurozumi Orochi is the shogun of Wano country. It is believed that he has defeated the great Oden Kozuki himself but I’m sure that he couldn’t have done it all by himself.
Shogun Orochi's mythical
In one of the recent chapters, a shadow of his devil fruit form was shown but most of the fans could not her but fear that like Holdem his devil fruit might also be a SMILE one and would have a poor design like Holdem and other SMILE devil fruit users. Thus, all the fans were not expecting a lot from Shogun’s devil fruit form due to this very reason.

But fortunately, that wasn’t the case and in One Piece chapter 932, while going berserk over the fact that a lowlife prostitute like Komurasaki had slapped him.
Kurozumi Orochi
Kurozumi Orochi revealed his mythical zoan type devil fruit form.He became extremely huge and turned into an eight-headed serpent.

We at TheAnimeScrolls had already predicted that Kurozumi Orochi is going to have this extremely powerful devil fruit. Unfortunately, his personality does not deserve this much power but since he’s the shogun, he had to be powerful.
I hoped that King disaster might have a mythical zoan type devil fruit but instead we have this irritating faced shogun having a mythical zoan type devil fruit which is disheartening. Nonetheless, this makes him presumably a more powerful character than some of the headliners of Kaidou maybe? I’m still not too sure about his fighting ability.

Enough said now, we will talk about what powers and abilities this character might possess. First things first, since he is known as two sword style Orochi, he’ll be pretty good at using swords and will be a handful swordsman.
Yamato no Orochi
He’s from Wano. Even if he’s a poor swordsman, he’s still going to be at least a decent one because it is an art there. Every soldier has to learn it, and since he’s the Shogun, he has to be at least strong.

In mythology Yamata no Orochi had a Kusanagi sword. I think that he’ll have a Kusanagi sword and some other powerful sword. But in this post, I’ll not be just talking about his swords but his devil fruit.
So, let me just focus on his devil fruit powers. First and foremost since he is a mythical zoan type devil fruit user he is going to possess tremendous strength and also durability. We have seen how humongous he becomes in his transformed form so his size will be hard to deal with for his opponents.

Well, having eight heads gives one extra vision for sure and also the ability to just rip off one’s head. These heads of Kurozumi Orochi will be very hard to deal with as well.
Kurozumi Orochi
Apart from having eight heads, Kurozumi Orochi is going to have some other special powers. Maybe he can breathe fire or maybe something else entirely.

He could have venomous bites in him, he could swing his long heads to throw away his opponents and some mythologies even suggest that Orochi has an invisible barrier protecting him.
Kokutan Orochi
It is hard to imagine how one could get past such a beast. One ability that can help face such a strong creature is Observation haki. In Wano, only Luffy has that to an advanced level, but his opponent will be Kaido. So, who’ll face Orochi? I think the fact he is a swordsman Roronoa Zoro will face him but how will he get past those heads of Kurozumi Orochi.

Well, I think that Zoro will reveal his new Asura form against Orochi which already has multiple heads and hands. After the time skip, he would have certainly improved this form of his and thus seems a perfect fit for Kurozumi Orochi’s opponent in Wano country war.
Kurozumi Orochi's
Thus, Shogun Orochi’s mythical zoan type devil fruit seems very strong and could also be foreshadowing that his opponent in the Wano war will be Roronoa Zoro.

That is it from today’s post on shogun Orochi’s mythical zoan type devil fruit. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies. Do remember to subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon.

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